Our goal is to help clients and their caregivers navigate the complex healthcare environment and become more self-sufficient in managing their healthcare needs.

What is a Patient Advocate?

A patient advocate is a professional health care advisor who provides education, information and tools needed to assist patients in making educated, informed decisions about their physical and mental issues, treatment recommendations and options and how to navigate the present health care system in order to optimize their healthcare goals. East Valley RN Patient Advocates are able to enhance the advocacy role with clinical and healthcare knowledge.

My Vision

Welcome to East Valley RNPA. I am Patrica Durlam and my vision is to provide client-based RN patient advocate services in the greater Phoenix area of Maricopa County, Arizona that assist the client, loved ones and other caregivers navigate the complex healthcare system related to their physical, psychological, social and financial needs. Please contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation.

RNPA Services

Unique, Individualized, Professional Medical Care Help


Here you’ll find links to relevant sites with important information, including the following topics: Research and Diseases, Provider Look-ups, Medication and Supplements, Support and more.


An iRNPA is different than a patient advocate that works for a hospital or insurance company. As an Independent RNPA, I will champion exclusively for you and help you navigate medical care.


iRNPA orients patients and families to a partnership model of health. Having someone on your side to help you navigate the healthcare system is invaluable. View my fees and Standards of Practice.


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